Facebook l 78% 1224 AM hottopiccom ΗOTTOPΙC YOU'LL DROP YOUR BOMB BEFORE THE TOILET ВОMB I got this out of the clearance bin inside Hot Topic It was admittedly an impulse buy But they looked funny and we were out of essential oils for the potty stink so I figured 'Why not?' The first time my husband went to use one I heard him cursing the thing out He couldn't get the incredibly tight shrink wrap off of the individually wrapped toilet bomb So he gave up When I tried to use one I had the same issue but was bound and determined to get the wrapper off and see if it was worth it I had to use my husbands nose scissors but finally got the wrapper off and plopped it into the potty I didn't smell anything I thought to myself 'Self maybe that is the point' I waited and waited for the bomb to stop fizzing in my toilet water It was like a Kraken shaped alka- seltzer churning and frothing the pit of my potty didn't want to sit on top of those spitting and bubbling chemicals The urge to poo became too much to fight and sure enough when I sat down I could feel the fizzy bubbles on my behind like a dreaded constant splashback I did my business as quick as I could The little squid dude was still simmering away amongst the logs which I could quite clearly still smell I didn't want to flush the thing it was still a pretty good size So I stood there still smelling my poo and staring at it waiting for the bubbling to cease This was an utter fail of a product Do not waste your money You may end up paying to soil your pants or stare at your poo Review of “Kraken Toilet Bombs” Meme







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