espite the security systems now installed inside all of Disneyland's attractions and the monitors being watched by park employees hidden from view couples will still try to have sex while on the dark rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean or It's a Small World apparently not realizing that the cameras are infrared and can pick up their every move On occasion they are stopped with a warning over the loudspeaker other times as they exit they are met with applause rom knowing cast members thatdisneyworldblog l think this is the most hilarious thing autisticstevonnie the storybook font is what does it for deerney Ok so I have a story I worked Fantasyland Dumbo at Magic Kingdom We had a girl transfer from Pirates of the Caribbean And she told me the most amazing story So Pirates is down shocking And this particular boat is stopped at the first big scene Where Barbosa is on the ship yelling for Jack Sparrow Anyway the boat has been stopped for about 15 minutes at this point and there's a couple sitting alone in the back So the guy decides that nothing gets him in a better mood than the smell of water that hasn't been changed in roughly 50 years and convinces his girlfriend to blow him Now this girl is in the booth along with the coordinator watching this go down Literally There's not much they can do to stop it at this point other than notify security Then another problem arises The guy finishes and the girl makes the motion to spit In The Fucking Water Now if that load is released into the water thats an automatic biohazard and the ride is shut down for weeks The water is removed the ride path is scrubbed along with the ride vehicles and then new water is brought in Costing the company thousands of dollara and pissed off tourists The worst combination on this earth Panicking at this predicament the coordinator grabs the mic in the control booth and says Spitting is for quitters This echoes over the bitching of guests and 50 year old audio of pirates commiting various crimes The look on this woman's face was priceless She gazes up as if Walt himself commanded her from the grave and swallows I'm told the ride started 5 minutes later and the couple ran out from the exit queue as fast as they cou And this is why you dont fuck at Disney Because cast members will call you out and it will be the highlight of our day 225723 notes Sep 21st 2018 The Happiest Place on Earth Meme

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