Entertainment&Music > Music Next> What's with the mummy kid in the Shakira video Hips don't lie? In the background of the Shakira video Hips don't lie there's a mummy kids looking around Watch it real close and you will see it What is the significance of the mummy kid? I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and it's making me a little nuts alliavargas c-bassmeow alliavargas c-bassmeow alliavargas c-bassmeow stillhereunfortunately shakira is cursed and if her hips are dishonest even once the mummy will take her soul @alliavargas yo Allie your from barranquilla isn’t the mummy part of carnaval? thats what i thought but idk if thats true also i miss u 3 3 3 3 Like this is the first time I’m seeing this!!!!! But no babe the mummy isn’t a part of carnavales maybe she tried to make a connection between death and the afterlife since the garabato it’s a dance that portrays the fight between life and death or maybe I’m reading too much into it or spitting out pseudo intellectual crap… As always forever missing you! how dare you let so much time pass between us talking i thought u died and fuck i guess the mystery of shakira’s mummy will live on If my culturally enriched barranquillera doesnt know no one will 3 I fucking love you! Like I want you to father my children CAN YOU IMAGINE ur paisa genes and my costeña dark shimmery exuding sex skin in one perfect little Colombian toddler besides we would be the perfect liberal pro choice pro lgbt anti racism parents!!!! Omg yes !!!! I’m screaming legit I just peed myself Like we both are mixed too so those babies can come out looking like ANY such way But they are hairs feed to look cute as fuck Omg perfect skin big asses thick legs huge dickif it’s a man baby nice ass hair omg omg omg like if by 32 you don’t have kids imma donate sperm and we can raise kids holy shit they would rule the world tbh and they would be intelligent and fashionable and perfect OMG DEAL! I’m not even kidding!!! Don’t be surprised when I show up at ur door with a cup asking for ur swimmers Bitch I have a trip planned to the states next year in July around the same time i went this year we have to meet! I don’t care if baby A isn’t going to be around ill prefer it that way tbh lol…is it crazy that I’m picturing our child?!?!?! shut up im going to scream omg omg omg yassssssssssss I will make sure to be in the USA during july so if i leave to colombia itll be may or june like last time or august who knows but july im staying and bitch come for my sperm whenever you want i have billions literally hahaha 3 omg cant wait give me more details about your trip the closer u get to it Meme




Hips Don't Lie







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