enderman enderman NEW ORE?!?!? NO WAY AND IT’S BETTER THAN DIAMOND?!!?!??! Alright I’ve had the chance to play around in the nether for a while and I’ve learned more about how this stuff works… So while netherite is better than diamonds it is prohibitively rarer than obtaining diamonds is The way you get netherrite is by finding these “ancient debris” blocks that generate below ~25 on the y level I found they’re most common around y levels 10-16 or so the lowest I saw them generate was y7 They look like this They generate in ore veins of 1-3 I find that the veins of 3 are quite rare though I also never saw them visible from the surface but maybe it can happen sometimes More often than not it looks like you’ll have to use stripmines just to find them though Once you find a vein of the stuff I hope you brought a diamond pick though- they can only be mined using diamond I tried iron and gold it’s ridiculously slow with those and they don’t drop you need a diamond pick Once you mine it you get just the ore form of it like mining iron or gold ore so it’s not affected by the fortune enchant You can smelt it in a furnace or blast furnace to get “netherite scrap” which is then used to make the ingots You need gold ingots as well to combine with the scraps like so Once you’ve crafted up a netherite ingot the way you use it in crafting recipes isn’t quite what you might expect Instead of using the ingots directly you craft tools and armor from them like this Yup You need to combine diamond tools and armor with the ingot to get the netherite stuff At the very least it means you don’t need a ridiculous amount of netherite just to be able to make anything but you will need a lot more diamonds Also before you ask no you don’t keep the enchantments from the diamond armor if you use enchanted diamond while crafting- all the enchantments are lost when making netherite That’s ok though because as the changelog post said netherite is more enchantable than diamond gear is Netherite armor looks like this I think it looks pretty Sexy tbh In addition netherite items have a rather unique property… They don’t burn in lava btw here’s what it looks like enchanted All in all I am in love with this new ore thank you so much mojang we are truly blessed Meme








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