disadventures: divestedblackwoman: corvidaezero: cagzzzilla: korra: the daria writers really did that Call me by your name THAT’S THE POINT THOUGH. They’re children.  They’re literally students sitting in class.  They’re 14, maybe 15 years old (I can’t remember which season specifically this is from). That’s what grooming is.  An adult, who is fully aware of what they’re doing, taking advantage of a teenager or a child and manipulating them or brainwashing them because they’re too young to actually understand what’s happening. Tiffany thinks he’s talking about gardening.  And even when Quinn is relating and thinking back on the story, she still doesn’t really understand what was going on.  It wasn’t until her older sister and mom could process the scene through their adult brains that consequences were had. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of children to recognize when they’re being groomed/gaslit/manipulated/etc. ^^^^^ This is exactly why young girls can never be “fast.” It’s not possible. They were either taken advantage of or groomed. @classy-asthmatic 🙃