derryderrydown thecringeandwincefactory meowren malchay So I looked in the comments expecting to see discourse or historical background etc but I found none Therefore I decided to learn more and add background Apparently this machine was used because of polio because polio paralyzes your lungs According to the wiki article on this bad boy patients would spend two weeks in there sometimes They still have these machines though much much more modern but they’re barely used at all anymore “In 1959 there were 1200 people using tank respirators in the United States but by 2004 there were only 39 By 2014 there were only 10 people left with an iron lung” x I’ve read about one man who still lives in an iron lung He taught himself how to breathe again by gulping down air but it’s quite laborious because of the paralysis His name is Paul Alexander and he’s a lawyer He’s 71 years old and has spent 65 years in an iron lung Wild right? He’s been working on a memoir that he was inspired to write by the recent resurgence of cases of polio caused by anti-vaccers Source httpswwwgooglecomampswwwcbccaamp14414081 can’t hyperlink because I’m on mobile apologies It’s amazing to me to recognize that we only defeated polio in this past century - that my mother’s father had it he got lucky it only deformed his feet and thereby kept him out of a couple wars my mother got the big vaccination that left her upper arm scarred and by the time I was vaccinated polio basically didn’t exist My grandfather must have been born like around 1900 so - in the space of less than 75 years this was no longer something that parents dreaded the possibility of every summer In the 1950s my mother would go to the corner shop The owners had a daughter a few years older than my mum She lived in an iron lung in the back of the shopVaccinate your fucking kids Meme










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