DE AS Lord of the Lies memecrunchcom T'was the night before Christmas and up in Trump Tower The Donald had visions of being in power He paced back and forth and he counted out loud All the minions appointed to be in his crowd The intelligence briefings did not make much sense So he had them all sent to his VP Mike Pence He loved all the rallies when all his fans came And smirked when he saw how they fell for his game Most press were abolished and were left to ponder Of what really went on in that penthouse up yonder His conflicts he countered were no cause for alarm Ivanka and Donnie would keep them from harm He loved all the meetings the dinners and lunches The ring kissers swarming to pucker in bunches The generals assembled to bow to his whim And he found his rogue brother when he picked Mike Flynn His cabinet members were picked by design To gut all protections for Libs and their kind He wanted the worst ones to heed his instruction And foster an era of pillaged destruction With Bannon and Tillerson Priebus and Ross With Sessions and Carson Mad Dog and DeVos The policies promised would all fall his way And garner huge profits for his later days He looked in the mirror and stuck out his chin He pulled his Spanx up to keep the chubs in His hair was a helmet of orange and gold He wore his small gloves so his hands were not cold His plans were terrific he tweeted his glee And hoped that he would not be mocked on TV The country was churning with anger and doubt But thanks to his spinners no one would find out The man to become the Commander in Chief Was a Russian-backed huckster and vainglorious thief Written and originally posted by Linda my beloved mother-in-law Meme


Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Ring






The General


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