DCNATION-UNIVERSE SUICIDE SQUAD 2 IS REPORTEDLY AIMING FOR A 2018 RELEASE WITH A NEW LINE UP Long ass rant but probably reasonable I mean fine but how about the flash I mean I don't wanna start a rant here but the people at Warner bros clearly don't give a crap about the characters isn't weird that they are doing all of these side movies and not focusing on establishing the OG characters like the flash batman man of steel 2 we need a definitive superman movie green lantern etc I'm a die hard DC comics fan I've grow up loving these characters but It's really annoying what the people at WB are doing like the first slate of movies that was announced at Comic con back in 2014 is now in the trash and they're announcing movies left and right for Ex just so Dwayne Johnson is satisfied and because he's a hot name rn let's announce a black Adam movie people loved Harley Quinn let's announce a Gotham city sirens movie and fuck the original slate some people hated BVS fuck the slate let's change everything up WW was great because patty Jenkins made that movie the way she wanted and I'm more than sure that AQUAMAN will be amazing because James wan will do the movie he wants and that's showed when he actually changed Mera's suit from the armored dark green suit from Zack's JL which I like to the more CB accurate suit what I'm trying to say here people didn't really like Zack's Vision for the DCEU but that doesn't mean that the way they actually reacted to the feedback was understandable changing everything up not trusting the other directors and other crap I do believe that Geoff johns should announce a new slate of movies at comic con this Saturday his influence in WW was great and that's my rant @world_of_flash_ said after watching WW that we shouldn't accept ok and mediocre movies anymore and I can't agree more ! Meme


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