daviddonihue THE FULL STORY ON CHASED! EXCLUSIVE TO TUMBLR! Sports Illustrated Model Caitlin O'Connor terrorizes children while bunny hopping in “Chased” Two kids an 11 year old boy girl find an Atari 2600 video game console and cartridges in what looks like an Atari landfill behind their school Once they plug in the 80’s archaic gaming system it becomes clear that they are able to use their joysticks to take control of the School Principal Sports illustrated Model Caitlin O'Conner and School Cop played by WWE wrestler Mr Outrageous! Al Burke who against their will go rampaging across the elementary school campus and into small town USA But as the the levels progress the robbers enter played by 5 other WWE wrestlers and the children have use their controllers to steer the real life adults out of harms way and into safety STORIES FROM BEHIND THE SCENES - EXCLUSIVE TO TUMBLR ! Shot in the uber hip neighborhood of Highland Park and on campus at a church in Eagle Rock Donihue calls it an ode to both 80’s and early 90’s video games and cinema - obviously influenced by Sam Rami and parodying Pac-Man era games and Sonic the Hedgehog the videos 80s pastel colored grading is an ode to era as much as the plot is “It’s like mashing freak friday dream a little a little dream and that awful Kirk Cameron Dudley Moore film into the body of a cracked out real life pac-man game” says the director Actress O'Conner did her own stunts as did WWE’s Mr Outrageous aka Al Burke who has also appeared in videos from Eminem LMFAO and has been one of the most recognizable faces in over 100 music videos Al Burke is considered a legend amongst directors world wide O'Conner actually rolled for the equivalent of four blocks to capture different angles to be used in fx sequence See all the recent videos at httpwwwSuperRadFilmscom Director David N Donihue Artist Mark Sixma and Andrew Rayel Song Chased Record Label Armada Records Meme











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