d 1レ acn Please excuse the interruption from the holly jolly festivities of the season while I allow myself to cry and get pissed about a broken tree stand Listen I know Christmas is not about the gifts we get or the parties we have or the tree we decorate I'm sure Jesus would not flip off a Christmas tree that fell over and not just because he didn't celebrate Christmas but I'm going to go ahead and feel my feelings on this one I recognize that I have enough money to buy a tree and I'm wiping gallons of water off the floors of the home Im fortunate enough to own before they're ruined I know that the now shattered ornaments I've gathered over years and years of Christmases with loved ones are only reminders of those times together and will do nothing to the memories themselves I know that the real gifts I got for Christmas were the love and pride my kids had in hand making me ornaments with their palm prints painted on the glass or their tiny names scrawled next to a snowman or snowflake they proudly painted When they were little I know not everyone has kids to give them little gifts and that the tears I'm crying over a broken Christmas tree stand shattered bulbs and a billion pine needles are silly but fuck you tree stand In the words of Clark W Griswold Holy shit! Hallelujah! Where's the Tylenol?! Now back to the holly jolly holiday season #nothingtoseehere Meme




Christmas Tree



The Gift

The Real



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