cursed-40k-thoughts randomnightlord cursed-40k-thoughts randomnightlord a-40k-author The new art of Warhammer 40000 Blood Angels with a glowing coffin? Don’t tell me GW will bring back Sanguinius I honestly would quite like that providing they do a good job of narratively justifying and explaining it The follow up potential of Roboute and Lion and even the traitor Primarchs getting to seeinteract with the brother they all saw as the best of them would be super interesting Providing again it was done wellThat said I’m also kind of into the idea that the new C’tan-looking angel thing the Necrons have is some kind of AI replication of Sangy given it has the wings and a big spear and we know Necrontyr would make AI personalities of dead people they deeply respected and that Szarekh really liked Sangy and thought he would have been a good EmperorSuper unlikely but I digress If it’s done well Sanguinius coming back would be pretty damned cool I mean…I guess?I would just be kinda salty if the damn Angel would return before any new Night Lords content releasesYes I know I am beating a dead bat at this point but still I mean yeah obviously loyalist Astartes oversaturation remains a pertinent and ongoing issue I’ve been fairly vocal about that multiple times I’m just saying that the narrative potential surrounding a Sanguinius comeback is promising I’m intimately aware that Chaos and Xenos and Guard need more attention on multiple fronts On all fronts tbh Meme

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