crispy-ghee There’s been a little bit of interest in Jagged-Tooth Cousin’s first born son A specific question was about his first meeting w Shepard which I was gonna go on about but I might make a comic about it later So have a few sketches Jagged-Tooth A rare Yautja Biotic an elite Enforcer and despite a rocky relationship w his father he risked dishonor and punishment to join a faction of Yautja that went against the clan’s decision and went to aid Shepard They meet when he arrives during the Battle for Palaven as surprise back up Capable dry could be considered friendly…unless you’re GarrusWhen your dad’s ‘favorite son’ seems to be someone who isn’t even his fucking son and who you think is a total dweeb you’re not gonna be happy about that I guessHe takes after his mother more than his father though has his father’s intensity and skill if only Cousin were more forthcoming w praise for that he does recognize it though he is very critical of his son and always being hard on him Their relationship is that of an accomplished child with a father who has incredibly high expectations That means that their relationship is very rocky This started when he was young as his path diverted early from Cousin’s hopes and plans for him Not many Yautja are taught to develop their biotic abilities and due to there being some contention over whether or not biotics are respectable in the Hunt tradition the training is more often than not discouraged But Jagged-Tooth went into training and instead of becoming a traditional hunter went down the line of enforcement Cousin still hasn’t fully recovered from that disappointment Joining the Yautja faction during the reaper war is the first time that Jagged-Tooth has ever had to operate under his father’s lead He tries to be professional about it Cousin on the other hand doesn’t try as hard to do the same Someone described Jagged-Tooth as a “rare Yautja Bishounen” and you know what? Yes Meme









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