crispy-ghee 3 of Cousin’s other children Little Knife Little Flame and Naniandi aka the last of the group of Cousin’s kids that I’ll draw because he has like 50 or something and I’m not designing all of them I’m sorry Feel free to pretend that your OC is Cousin’s kid it’ll probably work outLittle Knife Cousin’s youngest son and the last he had with Fury before she died A cocky little shit sometimes but with good reason While smaller than all his sibs his agility and stealth made him an asset to hunting parties His relationship w Jagged-Tooth sucks He and Kal'thnde are very close tho as Cousin was already aging and too busy chaperoning youngbloods to pay him as much attention as he should’ve Kal and his sisters more or less raised him and got between him and Jagged-Tooth often Lauded for his nimbleness and his lightning speed while maintaining near-silence he has become an asset in his hunting party His abilities also make him sought after for off-world reconnaissance where he travels to planets to review and evaluate their suitability for huntingLittle Knife is one of the 20 or so Yautja who join Cousin to form the Yautja Faction against the orders of the Elder Council 12 of his brothers also form the team including Jagged-Tooth and Kal’thnde Little Flame Celebrated Huntress Several times Champion of inter-tribal games and so coveted and beloved beyond her own clan Aggressive abrasive but loyal like her father in his youth Little Flame is close to Kal and Little Knife and was one of Cousin’s children that fought against Jagged-Tooth’s bad attitude–ballsy as he’s biotic She and the eldest brother never really learned to get along but there is begrudging respect for each others achievements Little Flame basically saved her father’s life when at one point she heard whispers that some elders were speaking of sending Enforcers or some other group of Hunters to go after Cousin and his Renegades She sent him warnings and killed most of the would-be trackers herselfNaniandi Cousin’s eldest Daughter Sometimes called Furious Patience a play on her mother’s name Patient Fury since she’s so much like her One of the tribe matriarchs and often invited alongside the tribe’s elders to speak diplomacy with other clans when needed Naniandi is the closest Jagged-Tooth is to any of his family maybe having to do w how much like his mother she is even though she is a century or so younger than him She’s basically all around respected by everyone in Cousin’s family as well as their overall clan It’s Naniandi’s influence and hard work that made it possible for Cousin and the remainder of the Yautja faction to return to Homeworld after they’d disgraced themselves to go fight alongside Shepard She ultimately convinced the elders to reinstate honor and title to her father Yautja joke but only a little about wishing to birth armies Compared to others his age Cousin only has a moderate amount of offspring but those that survived into his old age came out fierce capable and loyal to their family It’s thanks to them he could be with Shepard Meme











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