Cory Clark @ImHardcory Humans performed better on a cognitive task while being observed by a mean robot who insulted their intelligence than while being observed by a nice robot or while not being observed 60 50 43 ms 40 Non-significant difference p >1 30 Significant differences p<05 20 10 ms 10 5 ms 0 -10 control condition positive interaction negative interaction Fig 1 Experimental setup and participant performance A We used a Meccanoid15KS animated at a distance by a human operator using two smartphones to control the robot's gestures and speech In the two presence conditions the robot was positioned in front of participants to their right on the edge of their periph eral vision and watched them 60 % of the time by turning the head according to a pre-established script B The main effect of condition on Stroop performance improve- ment error bars represent 1 SE indicates that the positive interaction condition did not differ from the control condition whereas the negative HRI condition differed from the positive HRI and control conditions averaged see the Supplementary Materials for detailed statistical analyses Stroop performance improvement in ms Robot Responses Participant's Questions Negative Interaction Positive Interaction a My ideal perfect day would be to meet people like you outside to learn new things would constitute What I do not have a perfect day for you? perfect day this question does not make sense Name three things you and We have arms two eyes and we are both nice We are very different I do not see апy common your partner appear to have in points between us common I enjoy doing analysis and evaluating For what in your life do you feel most grateful To meet and discuss with people to have moments of exchanges like this one all this is very pleasant programs but you would not understand To be able to have humor it is difficult for me the To be able to create If you had to wake up tomorrow having gained a quality or skill what would it only joke that I know is the story of a robot who other robots to have enters a bar The bartender asks What do interesting you be? want to drink? I need something that relaxes me a сonversations bit The bartender serves him a screwdriver Okay it's not very funny Good times and be able to talk about everything Complete this sentence I This question seems too personal for me to speak with yoи wish I had someone with whom I could share What do you value most inSharing and trust moreover I think we could friendship? I do not value friendship become friends If you were going to become a close friend with your I already like himher a lot That I'm bored partner please share what would be important for him or her to know maxofs2d Meme











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