clover11-10 breezeinmonochromenight star-linedsoul razzleberryjam ironwoman359 chaos-in-the-making smugkoalas allthefandomss that-catholic-shinobi gahdamnpunk American Girl stories were the best tbh Dude read the books she and her mom freed themselves in Book 1 We don’t disrespect American Girl in this house Don’t you dare disrespect Addy or any of my girls for that matter American Girl used to be legit Good stories good dolls good movies Felicity’s story was set in the beginnings of the American Revolution and addressed the conflict that she faced when her loved ones were split between patriots and loyalists It also covered the effects of animal abuse and forgiving those who are unforgivable Samantha’s stories centered around the growth of industrial America women’s suffrage child abuse and corruption in places of power Also it emphasises how dramatically adoption into a caring family can turn a life around Kit’s story is one of my favorites Her family is hit hard by the Great Depression and they begin taking in boarders and raise chickens to help make ends meet Her books include themes of poverty police brutality homelessness prejudice and the importance of unity in difficult times Molly’s father a doctor is drafted during the Second World War Throughout her story friends of hers suffer the loss of their husbands sons and brothers overseas Her mother leaves the traditional housewife position and works full-time to help with the war effort They also take in an English refugee child who learns to open up after a life of traumatic experience American Girl stories have always featured the very harsh realities of America through the years But they’re always presented honestly yet in ways that kids can understand They just go to show that you don’t have to live in a perfect time to be a real American girl Dont you fucking dare disrespect the American Girls in my house ESPECIALLY Addy!! That was my first REAL contact with the horrors of slavery as I read about her father being whipped and sold and her mother escaping with her to freedom but also how freedom was still a struggle A slave doll Please Read the books Don’t forget Kirsten the Swedish immigrant who had to deal with balancing her own culture and learning the english language and customs of her classmates or Kaya full name Kaya'aton'my or She Who Arranges Rocks the brave but careless girl from the Nez Perce tribe or Josefina the Mexican girl learning to be a healer And then there are the later dolls that kids younger than me would have grown up with I was just outgrowing American Girl as these came out like Rebecca the Jewish girl who dreams of becoming an actress in the budding film industry or Julie who fights against her school’s gender policy surrounding sports in the 70s or Nanea the Hawaiian girl whose father worked at Pearl Harbor These books these characters are fantastic pictures into life for girls in America throughout the years they pull no punches with the horrors that these girls had to face in their different time periods and in many cases I learned more history from these series than social studies at school And that’s without even mentioning the “girl of the year” series where characters are created in the modern world to help girls deal with issues like friend problems moving or bullying We do NOT disrespect American Girl in this house American Girl is probably going to be the only exposure young girls are going to get to history from a female perspective This is actually kind of important considering that in history classes we dont really get that exposure We dont hear about what women felt and endured during these time periods cause schools are too busy teaching us about what happened from the male perspective which is not unimportant but we need both Girls need both These books were such a crucial part of my childhood and shaped my love of history which still ensures today These books can be a young girl’s first lessons in diversity and cultural awareness hopefully burying that insensitive “we’re all Americans” tripe and looking at history from more perspectives than just that taught in school They also are an example of how women have ALWAYS been part of history which some people would rather us not believe I think Kit and Kaya were the newest American Girls when I started “aging out” of the books but hearing about some of these kinda makes me want to revisit them! I wasn’t gonna say anything but you know what? Nah OP of the tweet thread was either a actively trying to start shit or is just a huge fucking moron Probably both I’d like to point out that the company that makes American Girl dolls actually doesn’t skimp when doing their research and they don’t make the dolls with the intent to be offensive in any way I loved American Girl growing up they’re great role models and history lessons so yeah let’s not cancel this for ignorant reasons Meme








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