chubby-bunnies fernsandbones vampiregirl2345 Vegans of tumblr listen up Harvesting agave in the quantities required so you dont have to eat honey is killing mexican long-nosed bats They feed off the nectar and pollinate the plants They need the agave You want to help the environment? Go back to honey Your liver and thyroid will thank you as well Agave is 90% fructose which can cause a host of issues Bye vertiga Beekeeper here! Just wanted to say that the fact that vegans won't eat honey is very silly Harvesting honey does not hurt bees The invention of modern moveable-frame hives means we can remove a selected frame extract the honey and return it without killing a single bee If we destroyed the colony to harvest honey there would be no bees for next year and beekeepers are incredibly careful to keep their bees healthy and thriving We take *excess* honey that they don't need and it stops the hive from becoming honey-bound meaning that there's so much honey the Queen has nowhere to lay eggs And if the winter is harsher than expected and the remaining honey store runs low we feed the bees plenty to make sure they survive We also make sure that pests are controlled bees are treated for disease and the hive is weatherproof and in good repair all things that wild bees struggle with Keeping bees in properly managed hives where they don't starve or die from preventable disease is much better for them than being left to fend for themselves and they're far too important to be left alone All the fruits and vegetables that vegans *do* eat couldn't exist without bees and the hives which pollinate those crops also produce excess honey which the beekeepers can sell to help keep themselves and their hives going TLDR BUY THE HONEY HELP THE BEES Source vampiregirl2345 16030 notes Agave vs Honey Meme

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