Cher @cher Happy Day My Darling Son Mom 226 PM 04 Mar 16 514 RETWEETS 2869 LIKES sonneillonv rocknlobster twunkmccree brotoro svpermodeling Every mother with trans children should take Cher as an example ok i love her but lets not give brownie points because she called him her son thats like minimum requirement for a decent human being Ok you know what? No Brownie points to Cher She publicly announced her love and acceptance of her SON and yeah some people would call that “the minimum requirement” of decency but as someone whose mother gushes about her acceptance in private and sometimes uses gender neutral terms for me not the male ones I prefer but aggressively misgenders me in public to keep things from being “awkward” cher’s public acknowledgement and expression of her love and acceptance for her son is a big deal Yes this SHOULD BE the bare minimum of parental decency but right now it’s not and I’m glad to see Chaz and Cher showing the world that this is the way things are supposed to be What is up with the idea that we shouldn’t acknowledge when people do something goodniceetc because “everyone should be doing that anyway”? It is BY acknowledging the things we see as good that we tell others how we see the world and enforce what we consider proper behavior There is literally never a time when it doesn’t make sense to acknowledge something positive And acknowledging something positive does NOT make some sort of blanket statement about the person like they can do no wrong either We can acknowledge a positive and also criticize a negative there is no zero-sum game here Reinforcing good behavior is just as important in fact more important than criticizing bad behavior when it comes to making a change This is true of training pets children and cis people Meme











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