Chart of Grammar Tenses Simple Perfect Perfect Continuous Continuous havehas been V3 +amis are Ving +havehas V3 V1es -dodoes not Vi -amisare not+Ving ?DoDoes+Vi -havehas not+been+ V3 - have has not V3 ?AmIs Are Ving ? HaveHas_been V3 ? Have Has+V3 I have been eating He has been eating We have been eating I eat I am eating He is eating We are eating I have eaten He eats He has eaten We have eaten We eat +had + been V3 was were Ving -waswere not+Ving ?WasWere Ving had V3 +V2 -did not+ V -had not been V3 - had not+ V3 ? Did V ? Had been V ? HadV I had been eating He had been eating We had been eating I was eating He was eating We were eating I had eaten I ate He had eaten He ate We ate We had eaten +will have been +V3 will have V3 -will not have V3-will not+have+been+V3 ? Will have V3 +will be Ving -will not be Ving ? Will be Ving willV will not Vi ? Will V ? Will have+ been V3 I will have eaten He will have eaten I will eat He will eat I'll have been eating He'll has been eating We'll have been eating I will be eating He will be eating We will be eating We will have eaten We will eat +would have+ been+ V3 +would V -Would not V ?Would Vi +would+ be Ving -would not+be+ Ving -would not have V3 would not have been V3 ? Willbe Ving ? Would have V ? Would have been V +would have V3 + I would eat I'd have been eating He 'd have been eating We'd have been eating I would have eaten He would have eaten I would be eating He would be eating We would be eating He would eat We would have eaten We would eat Future in the Past Future Past Present RT @PronounceGuide_ Chart of Grammar Tenses httpstcoePX2woxgSo Meme











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