chapter-master-darius randomnightlord feniczoroark randomnightlord feniczoroark randomnightlord feniczoroark randomnightlord feniczoroark just-another-guardsman wh40kartwork Krieger by Rotaken The certified madlad Huh neatWaitThat gun looks familiarHmmm AhWhack The Gatling MG42 is literally the worst fucking thing i have ever seen in my life of being interested in history and Videogames Worst design yes and I can name so much of the pointless bullshit with itHell Only remembered the piece of shit weapon because I once spent half an hour staring at its stock for study Also didn’t it have like one or two mags? Those things only really held up to 100 shots at best 200 shots for a Gatling gun mg42 that probably shoots even faster than the 1400rpm the original hasThat is no lmg Thats a shotgun with a weight of like 40 kilos by the looks of it It had 1 magazine No reloadability also had no dust tray cover release thing or drum release Some bs about balancing 250 rounds in game for somme reason Last I checked those kinds of drums could only hold a 50 round belt Lowest firerate on any modern rotary barrel weapon is 1000rpm of the Gau-19 the same wepaon can achive 2000rpm But thats 50cal127 Assuming this uses the same ammo as the MG42 than that would be 792×57 the nearest weapons we have for that is the US M134 which has a firerate of 3000rpm to 6000rpm or the Russian GShG-762 a 4 barreled one which has 3500rpm to 6000rpm So realistically the 50 round belt would be used up in 1 second to half a second The 250 belt would be 5 seconds to 2 and a half seconds Thats nowhere near enough So again bad design Also if it uses a belt it would need a delinkerThe barrel shroud was left on each individual barrel forcing the barrels apart More weight Would also need a more powerful rotor to spin it Gatling weapons forgo barrel shrouds because the multiple barrels are to help coolingThe foregrip was in the right place but wasn’t reinforced enoughwhere it connects with the weapon needed to be a bit more forwardThe barrels had to “spin up” first That would realistically waste ammo Electric rotart guns start firing immediately and at a high firerate which climbs over like a second or two as the motor warms up Also upon the trigger being released they stop spinning immediatly But that things barrels kept spinning which would eject unfired rounds Also the barrels never seemed to line up with any kind of breach instead coming to rest in some random ass place no sense whatsoeverIT HAS NO SIGHTSWHERE IS ITS POWER SOURCE That gun is a fucking mess and i hate it so much The 1960 plasma one angers me more 3 barrels that dont spin Only one barrel is ever used Why Why then3 barrels Somehow plays worse than that stupid ass gatling mg4246 Bunch other reasons I’m too angry and tired for atmAlso as for the art that started this 40k already has rotor cannons which normal humans can pick up although thosw only got ised in 30k and 40k as the soulfire cannon used by magnus’ lads Aye The only wolfenstein weapon i actually liked in the new Games was the Hatchet Even the knife in New Order was a total nightmare You two are overlooking the fact that these weapons were used to brutally murder Nazis Focus on the good things yeah? True I fully agree but technical nonsense makes me angery Meme





The Worst






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