Careless Whiskers @dogbomb1 Followv My body is willed to the UCI Medical School so I wrote a note for the student s who are stuck with my weird husk I want them to have fun AND learn valuable skills Life is too short not to enjoy a good giggle Hey there doc My name is Tony and I'll be your practice cadaver I sincerely hope my body helps you to become a great doctor I was 55 years old when I kicked off I was diagnosed with ALS in March of last year and I elected to make the transition to whatever comes next before the disease made that decision for me I was an avid runner swimmer and outdoor enthusiast I worked as a veterinary technician and I had two crazy mutts that i loved very much I played the guitar poorly and lived for music I had a ton of wonderful friends who I miss very much I often dressed up as a giant dog drank too much beer and took myself for walkies I loved to chat with people and having a meaningful discussion that was both interesting and insightful was about my favorite pastime As you work on my body please remeber that I had a happy wonderful life and you are permitted to giggle at my weird architecture ooh and aah at the intricacies of my innards and generally have fun as you learn I hope I have helped you to pursue your passion The world needs great doctors and I have no doubt that you'll be one Now lets get to work! Pick up that #10 blade and lets explore this together Cheers! saly Tony 503 PM - 1 Apr 2019 The most wholesome body donor Meme









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