CAN Following @CNN Former President George W Bush said he is disturbed by the immigration deba taking place in the United States because it undermines the goodness of America cnnit 2uhH6uB 631 PM - 12 Jul 2018 730 Retweets 3902 Likes Brotha EB @BlakeDontCrack Following George Bush literally created ICE CNN@CNN Former President George W Bush said he is disturbed by the immigration debate taking place in the United States because it undermines the goodness of America cnnit2uhH6uB 935 PM-12 Jul 2018 391 Retweets 903 Likes c-bassmeow n0rdicalien c-bassmeow sodomymcscurvylegs whyyoustabbedme whyyoustabbedme Dropping bombs on major cities full of civilians because you thought they had “weapons of mass destruction” and they didn’t undermined our goodness too Bottom line about Bush and immigration is that post 911 immigration policies rarely if ever caught any potential terrorists but it did spike the number of deportations with the creation of ICE httptracsyreduimmigrationreports260 This is all correct and this dude is a war criminal but imagine how bad things are that the dude that used the death of thousands of Americans to invade the wrong country for oil and subsequently kill thousands on both sides on one of America’s shitty wars looks at the current dude in power and is flabbergasted Like straight up “this is too fucked up even for me” nah Bush was shit and so far he is worse than Trump Obviously Trump has been in office for less time and can def outdo Bush but bush is still far worse and far more authoritarian than Trump Not only did Bush create ICE he also sent us to two wars built on false pretenses that have cost us TRILLIONS of dollars AND didn’t kill thousands it killed MILLIONS of innocent Iraqi’s and other peoples Trump’s death toll isn’t even close So far obviously Then he ruined our education system and put even worse economic incentives on it with the no child left behind act He stripped us of several civil liberties that newer generations now take for granted such as privacy with the patriot act The NSA was created to spy on US citizens despite intelligence agencies which liberals now adore since Trump attacked their “integrity lying to our faces under oath which is super illegal that they weren’t doing so so no… Bush is trying to make himself feel good by being ant-Trump He is more than just a war criminal and frankly so far again he was much worse We cannot let historical amnesia take over He gave Trump all the tools to be an authoritarian monster tools that Obama mind you never disbanded Trump is a piece of shit and again can very well outdo Bush but Bush and his administration were literally evil and so far have been way worse The post 911 political and economic trauma we have all experienced were his administrations fault oh yeah also the crash of the economy and the lost livelihoods of MILLIONS of people including my mother who couldn’t find a job for ages was his administrations doing Do not rehabilitate this man Please i heard ICE also prevents childhuman trafficking Is that true? Even if it does that’s a smokescreen to distract us from how evil it is The US military sometimes does “good” by giving aide to famished countries yet often it’s the one creating the famines lol We can have a non militarized agency that deals with human trafficking without ripping children from their families and without being hostile to brown immigrants who are often fleeing extreme violence and penury some caused by the US Also for those who are concerned about border security…… we had border security before ICE was invented ICE is not needed at all Plus the border security BS is overrated since immigrants commit less crimes than non immigrants and if we legalize drugs and regulated them and taxed them gang violence and Mafia like activity that occurs on the border will cease to exist We are the cause of a lot of this We create a problem and then make it worse by our militarized non-solutions Lastly if my sources are correct ICE has lost many children who have possibly been lost to human traffickers so … some job they’re doing Meme







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