BUTOTHINKOSEE A PROBLEM ALREADY unaffiliatedpangolin siryouarebeingmocked alaija cisnowflake weaponizedhorse nunyabizni eric-coldfire simon-newman jeepsarmitage doomy occupy-democrats mstar1960 occupy-democrats Imagine wanting to spend billions on something so easily circumvented I guess lefties think that illegal aliens can walk on water Wow you’re right There’s a huge flaw in my post I forgot that humans have no way to get across water Thanks for pointing that out I’ll get right on deleting this Gay Mexicans on boats… This isn’t even covering planes Considering how many people from Cuba have died trying to cover the 40 miles from there to the US I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this would wind up having a higher mortality rate than that ^^ plus where are all these people getting boats from We also have much better boats that could stop their boats Well Australia doesn’t have a problem with people walking here so bodies of water must be somewhat effective at preventing illegal immigration Those waters are already patrolled It’s just a perfect solution fallacy nirvana fallacy with added snark The exact high standards of logic I’d expect from occupy-dems Also doesn’t O-D support gun control to stop shootings? httpsoccupy-democratstumblrcomtaggedgun-control Yes yes they do Each one of those lines is hundreds of miles long And the Coast Guard exists OK but… Ya’ll realize that lots of people do still successfully make it to shore on homemade rafts and shit right? “The Coast Guard exists” so do border patrol agents Shockingly they don’t stop everybody Meme











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