bunjywunjy lostinhistory bidet-of-evil officialukulele nogoawayok penguinsstealingsanity that-ships-hellabig phanfruit krakkenchaos swindontownswoodilypooper petrovasinspace f-i-v-e-byfive thesixtysevenchevyimpala ilovecountryeverything titaniumbovine peaceroxi steveisoncrack HEY TUMBLR LET’S PLAY A GAME To play this game go to MapCrunch select “hide location” make sure you have all countries unselected and click go What this will do is drop you in a random part of the world It’s as if you woke up on the side of a road in an unfamiliar country The goal of the game is to find your way to an airport so you can return home Bonus Hard Mode No using outside sources and that includes using google maps to figure out your location from signs or landmarks …I had plans today but now THE AIRPORT GAME IS BACK FUCK THIS GAME LAST TIME I PLAYED IT DUMPED ME IN THE MOUNTAINS OF NORWAY I PLAYED FOR LIKE 8 HOURS BEFORE BREAKING DOWN CRYING OMG NO STOP THIS GAME IS MY LIFE!!! IT’S BACK WHY IS THIS BACK WHYYYYY oh shit I HAVEN’T USED THIS GIF SINCE FEBRUARY Always reblog Mapcrunch when someone tries to bring it back it dropped me in a fucking room full of pandas Ohmygod It once dropped my in my home town a few km’s from the airport XD i think this is gonna be a problem i feel threatened also why is one of the cows blurred out who is she I’m trapped in a bathroom and i have no reflection I am on a dock by a bay the last time I played this it dumped me in the middle of a desert and when I turned the camera around it was literally standing next to the runway of an air force base Meme







The Game


Air Force


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