bogleech cazort marvelousgameofdisneythrones pangur-and-grim my favourite part of the Evolutionary Biology courses I took at the University of Toronto was learning that several bird species have 3+ sexes? the ruff bird is a great example - each male variant has a different and successful! reproductive strategy and a different chromosomal sequence unlike the ruff bird human sex falls into a bimodal distribution - this means there are two strong peaks ”typical” male and female morphs with a whole lot in between evolution is nice way of saying “statistics played out longterm among living organisms” and evolutionarily successful traits…aren’t something to hold up as natural or moral or representative of an advanced state it’s literally just fuck tactics that make your group size increase though fucking isn’t always the best route as asexual reproduction is massively advantageous as a short-term strategy and certain species dominate the landscape by switching between sexualasexual depending on environmental conditions besides all that the strength of humankind has always been our ability to work together communally and that’s straight science so even if you went down the extremely problematic path of valuing fellow humans based on their potential evolutionary contribution coughs eugenics coughs there would still be zero scientific basis behind discriminating against trans non-binary and intersex people tldr here’s a challenge to all the bigots out there please stop using “science” as a defence when the actual science is overwhelmingly against you Science pissing off bigots of all kinds since its inception I find White-throated sparrows fascinating They have two color morphs the bright one And the drab one The two morphs have very different behavior The bright ones are more aggressive setting up territories and defending them being more aggressive about defending against predators They sing more often The dull ones are quieter and less aggressive They are more attentive to the nest and better at feeding nestlings The morphs tend to make a good pairing for raising children because they specialize in different roles The dull-colored birds being more camouflaged are safer when sitting on the nest and are better able to hide The bright-colored birds being more visible are better able to intimidate predators and rivals Interestingly though both color morphs occur in both female and male birds And birds tend to pair up with both opposite sex and opposite color morph birds The dimorphism and different roles that in most birds are strongly associated with biological sex in this species has evolved to be abstracted and separated from biological sex Some people have described this system as the birds having “four sexes” It’s been proposed that some life may have only first split into multiple sexes in order to confuse or slow down parasites so maybe some folks get offended cause deep down they just think roundworms will get them Meme











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