blizzrhy libertarirynn dashas-hideous-laughter fanburgers laizy-boy ask-crammaster-ham here’s the closeted furries “hey man… can u bum me a cig” and “the one uncle nobody invites to the family reunion but SOMEONE keeps telling him where it is anyways” if you want an idea of what john is like imagine hau from pokemon sumo ALSO the ppl who kept asking me for trans thomas art HERE he’s trans in this au ft John I found the original Oh wow it’s even worse than I expected This is truly the post of the decade Wait but SUMO came out in 2016 I could’ve sworn I saw this back in 2015 How fucking dare you How fucking dare you put this on my dash again Just when I had eradicated it from my memory you dredge it back up out of the sewers I will come to your house I will burn it to the ground I will end your bloodline Wannabe teens pretending to be trans gotta stop making this shit Is borderline offensive honestly Don’t make your characters trans for the sake of it You’re only using a real and difficult condition to make your characters more “interesting” it’s not useful to the story or relevant to you it’s like character being blonde It’s exactly the same as using rape to add action to an already shitty tale just DON’T That’s not even the real issue here The issue is that these guys AREN’T CHARACTERS They aren’t fucking fictional! They’re real historical people! Some of them were straight up fucking slave owners! “What if this actual historical person who had a teenage slave concubine was actually a cute black transboi uwu” is literally fucking horrifying Meme











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