Big Body Benz @ItsMissBre So I love Valentine's Day for other reasons My daddy well step-dad but daddy in my heart Him and my mom's first Valentine's Day she could not find a sitter He wanted to do something really nice for her because she always had us LOL He planned this extravagant dinner 418 AM 12 Feb 19 Twitter Web Client 5501 Retweets 194K Likes Big Body Benz ItsMissBre 1d at a fancy restaurant gave her money for an outfit got her hair done etc all for her sitter to fall though So at the time I was like 8 my sister and brother were 7 and 5 My mom was so bummed I remember her crying and saying he should date someone who is able t 220 1555 Big Body Benz ItsMissBre 1d go places and do things and maybe not Someone with three kids He didn't even flinch He made paper invitations for us the kids and told us we were invited to a fancy dinner party He told us to put on our best outfits and he would call us when it was time to come downstairs 2 t 221 1937 Big Body Benz ItsMissBre 1d So he asked my mom to still get dressed for the date He went out got takeout from the nice place for all of us and we had a Valentine's Date all together at the dining room table I will never forget that I felt so special We all got flowers and cards my brother got t 254 3417 Big Body Benz@_ItsMissBre 1d a toy car LOL When we came down the stairs he introduced us and said something about our outfits like it was a fashion show Man That shit stuck with me for years I loved it I felt so loved and I know my mom did too t 247 3952 Big Body Benz_ItsMissBre 1d I'm glad y'all enjoyed that! I have a podcast where I y'all about motherhood from the black perspective @MamaMeetsPod check it out! 4 ta 101 1 1320 Big Body Benz_ItsMissBre 1d Also 20+ years later here is my daddy with my son that I named after hinm 9101 321 8774 MFW I realize Im really not a King 😟 by xero_art MORE MEMES Meme











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