bee-cowboy I hate shipwrecks in Minecraft bc they imply that there iswas some form of intelligent life in Minecraft before the player It's clearly not villagers bc they can't even build a village properly Who are these mysterious ship builders and where did they go bee-cowboy halfaqueen It's my theory that Minecraft is post-apocalypse most likely nuclear and the monsters where mutated by the fallout The villagers are a new humanoid evolution trying to become the next dominant species and you are the last of the truly human survivors @halfaqueen your mind halfaqueern actually the more i think ab it the more beautiful and lonely the world gets i developed this interpretation after mineshafts where added but even before that the temples buried by sand? trapped caverns in jungles? even in other worlds fortresses in hell itself now only guarded by skeletons? houses in the end only accessible by portal after defeating the dragon? all relics of a past race thats beern mysteriously wiped the villagers dont know perhaps they see you and assume your one of them different perhaps your nose is much to short and face much to squished your language garbled complexities they have yet to decode but thats fine to them you have things they want and they have things you want perhaps they will one day long after you get tired of this world uncover those past relics as well perhaps they will recognize the stories passed down perhaps they will lament not trying to understand you to find the missing pieces of the race before them now entirely gone or something like that im v tired what the fuck carol Meme











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