Because you need a cute Somali baby on your timeline have a blessed day a @chaka ban Because when you tell a story you should tell the full story There is suffering in Somalia right now many people don't have access to food or water We are trying to change that we don't make a business out of helping the people but we do it out of humanity The same humanity I extend to all people suffering anywhere on this earth Many people told me Somalia is too dangerous the people are crazy it wouldn't help to come here Etc But I am no different to any of these people so I won't hide behind my passport or the privileges that I never asked for anyway We need to treat all humans as equal no matter where they are from or which belief system they follow So many people think of Somali people and think of pirates They don't speak of the colonisation by the British the Italians and the French the massacres that the Ethiopians lead against the Somali people or how the Russians and the Cubans & Ethiopians went to war with the Somalia people in 1964 They never speak about North Americas involvement in keeping Somalia at war They don't speak of the pipeline that Kenya and Ethiopia want to run through Somalia Or how Libya and Yemen fought against the Somali people Or how nuclear waste was dumped off the coast of Somalia by the Mafia poisoning Somali children and fish Or how many of the Gulf states are complicit in arming & funding the terrorists in Somalia Then there was conflict and civil war Or how the casualties of all of this are little babies like this one They rarely speak of the beauty of the people how hospitable they are how friendly and welcoming they are I got so many hugs and smiles I didn't meet one person who was scary or aggressive Not saying they don't exist but please tell the full story The ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ด people deserve to be properly represented they are so beautiful and need you to see them as humans just like you see me chakabars Meme











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