Because it's never too Late to teach girns to silently wait for a man to help them <p><a href=httpstenderuktumblrcompost157073205204stickit class=tumblr_blog>tenderuk<a><p> <blockquote><p>#StickIt<p><blockquote> <p>*cracks knuckles*<p><p>I don’t know why ya’ll keep trying to play this game but fine let’s play<p><p>From left to right<p><p>Jasmine- Got tired of her palace life and took control by disguising herself and running away to spend a day in the markets Openly expressed her contempt for the idea being married off without her consent Was initially disinterested in Aladdin because she thought he was just another arrogant prince Fell in love with him for his heart to the point that his pauper origins didn’t matter to her<p><p>Rapunzel- Wanted celebrate to her birthday by not being imprisoned for once nothing to do with a man In fact when a man broke into her home she swiftly knocked him out and tied him up That man ended up loving her so much he was willing to die for her and her passionate love brought him back to life<p><p>Snow White- Was a young girl being chased around by crazy old lady who was angry that she was pretty Ended up negotiating her safety with some dwarves by offering her services as a cook and housekeeper in exchange for room and board Was only “waiting“ for a man in that she was literally unconscious after being poisoned by a witch and a kiss was the only thing they could save her<p><p>Mulan- Are you fucking serious? What about her story is her waiting for a man to save her? She literally saved her father her love interest and then her whole damn country You could not have watched two seconds of that film and come away thinking she was waiting for man to save her<p><p>Aurora- She was a 16-year-old girl forced to live in seclusion her whole life Sue her for daydreaming a bit about romance She still showed kindness to animals and loved her adoptive caregivers and was fairly content with her life Definitely not pining away for a man every second<p><p>Cinderella- Cinderella probably gets the the worst of being dragged through the mud by Edgy™ feminists trying to make a point Literally she never asked for a prince to save her She didn’t even really complain much about being forced into slavery by her evil family She just wanted one damn night off and meeting the prince was ancillary And in fact the person who first shows her kindness and empowers her to achieve her goals is another woman<p><p>Pocahontas- Again now you’re just making shit up She was not waiting for prince in fact she was bored at the prospect of living an ordinary home life and disinterested in marrying the handsome warrior her father had set up for her She ends up striking up a friendship with someone her entire tribe hates and distrusts up to and including saving HIM from being murdered<p><p>Tiana- You are not ABOUT to do my girl Tiana dirty like this She worked her ass off to achieve her dream of being an independent restaurant owner something practically unheard of for a young black woman in the 20s Romance was the absolute LAST thing on her mind and again her actions were fundamental in saving the life of the prince<p><p>Belle- Again she wasn’t interested in the big strong handsome man that everyone was saying she should be interested in Because she saw past looks and recognized that he was a sexist and generally unpleasant person It was her willingness to see past the exterior that saved Prince Adam<p><p>Ariel- She wanted to be a human before she knew about Eric She saved him from drowning She defied her father the KING in a fight for her own independence But sure she was waiting around for man<p><p>Merida- Merida didn’t even have a love interest and the entire film was built around a rejection of that premise This one is barely worth the time to acknowledge<p><p>TlDr Your weak edgelord attempt to discredit Disney princesses and make girls feel shitty for enjoying them is bad and you should feel bad<p> Meme











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