Be such a dope soul that people Crave your vibes We debate just to be right not to make it right We let our insecurities interfere with our actions We moan about posts on social media but then we go back to our lives & do nothing about it We call other people fake but then do nothing real Just because you speak truth to power doesn't mean you are better than those who chat sh*t Power is what we take power is what we have already power is what we give away by doing nothing when it matters We pray to what we call god but can't agree what or who founded humanity At the same time we pray for murdered children then act surprised when our prayers don't save more children's lives Because we sit & read our books of faith with our clean hands & pure hearts despising those who do dirty deeds those who use structural violence to organise their greed but yet we aren't willing to get our hands broken to heal broken souls or replace broken systems Do you think you are better because you abstain from violence but you never do anything when you see it happening You see it happening on your phone videos of people getting raped & shot films about injustice & you cry rivers but your tears are just fears of your own lies you are feeling sorry for yourself & your own mortality That's what you think when you see fatalities you continuously question others morality but then go back to your life because freedom fighting doesn't fit your schedule practically So what if you meditate how is that helping others starving? So what if you live on a desert island off the grid with self sustainability & autonomy how does that make the wars stop? You know they are out there Once you make an observation you have an obligation Will you help to build a better nation or let devastation manifest during your hesitation Ask yourself honestly are you doing the best you can to be a beautiful human being or are you just doing the best you can to seem beautiful while condemning others knowing about suffering but striving to achieve material dreams killing others to buy beautiful things chakabars Meme




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