BAT-WIELDING THUG TAKES OFF Mugger's Trumped Donald stops attack Dy JAMES ROSEN Call it The Donald to The Rescue When he saw a big guy with a big bat bashing anoth- er fellow Donald Trump did what any self respecting billionaire would do He ordered his driver to pull over I'm not looking to play this thing up Trump said yes terday I'm surprised you found out about it Marla Maples said Trump with n Manhattan said eries of Witnesses tugging at his arm to There's Trump went through try to stop him leaped from his the crowd of onlookers black stretch limousine Monday A lot of people were surprised evening during the assault on that he got out to see what was hap Ninth Ave near 45th St pening Romeo said adding that the bat wielder ran ofr just before Brutal-looking Trump actually appeared and that Someone in the car looked over Tnimp just looked around and and said Gee look at that it's went back into his limo I said to mugging Trump sa r witness who as my driver to stop the car because it as brutal looking was a guy with a bat hitting a guy Trump was at nrst reluctant to over the head and Trump yelled discuss his daredevil deed but Put that bat down What are you then he warmed to the task doing? The guy dropped the bat The guy with the bat looked at came over and started talking t me and I said 'Look you've gotta stop this Put down the bat Trump said the bat man deli Trump said I guess he recognized ered at least five or six good nse because he said Mr Trump I whacks before Toump interceded didn't do anything wrong I said Trump said he left the site only How could you not do anything after he man who appeared wrong when you're whacking a guy to be a doctor treating the victim with a Then he ran away and heard that an ambulance was Trump said the incident oc- on its way curred at 8 pm as he Maples and Police said the attack was not re another couple were heading to ward the Lincoln Tunnel on their The incident may have been a way to the Meadowlands for a Pan karmic sequel to the Oct 31 mug- la Abdul concert ging of Trump's mother M mp emerges from limo much ike the one he jumpodout of to Kathleen Romeo a 16yearol whose attacker was chat student at St Michael's Acadegu v 01 pa Repost @students4trump ・・・ Throwback to that time the future President of the United States stopped a mugging 🇺🇸 • • • studentsfortrump donaldtrump students millennials millennial maga makeamericagreatagain classictrump trump usa america american hero presidenttrump potus potus45 presidenttrump Meme




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