baeksic-bitch if you ever feel bad about yourself just know that I tried to order food but i was so nervous that instead of saying I would like 1 small pizza please l accidentally said l would like 1 small penis please and the guy on the phone responded with l only have a large is that okay and now i have to find the nearest cliff to jump off of bYE The catastrophe that is my life Part 2 My mom made me go in with her and help carry a bunch of pizzas she ordered for a party and when we went in the guy looked at the address number and screamed yoO DUDE ITS THE PENIS GIRL confusion radiating off my mom the entire store staring at me workers running to the table and the only thing going through my mind was why couldn't l have been born as a toothbrush So I do this thing where when I can't pronounce what I want to order I just start saying the first part of the thing then sort of stop when it gets to the part I can't pronounce and generally the waiter will finish saying it for me and I can just say ya that and it's all fine but one time I wanted spaghetti bolognese and i didn't know how the fuck to pronounce it cuz why the fuck is there a g there and so I started saying it but the waiter wasn't catching on so I was struggling and I said oh fuck this and just ordered a salad and I'm still mad about that IM SORRY I CANT PRONOUNCE YOUR FANCY ITALIAN PASTA NAMES OKAY JEEZ -mio Meme








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