Apprentices are not required to have a rat-tail Apprentices are required to have a rat-tail Get to wear cool Are expected to wear a frumpy beige tunic clothes Have a red lightsaber This a looks way cooler and b means they don't have to waste mental energy Have to choose between a blue or green lightsaber or ask George Lucas very nicely if they can have a purple one on trivial decisions Have to put up with Jedi Council bureaucracy Simple efficient organizational structure Do not see through their own lies See through the lies of the Jedi Hold dogmatic narrow views Free-thinkers who embrace a larger view of the Force Do not get to be called Lord Get to be called Lord Not allowed to pursue Explicitly encouraged to pursue Galactic domination Galactic domination Spend most of their lives resolving trade disputes Unlimited power Limited power Cannot do Force Can do Force lightning lightning Have built multiple empires and Death Stars Have never built an empire or a Death Star Will probably end up with a boring master like Jocasta Nu or Saesee Tiin Can study under all- time greats like Revan Bane Plagueis Sheev or Jar Jar Binks Get shipped off to a labour camp until they're 18 if they can't find a master Do not get shipped off to a labour camp There are droids for that kind of work Have to live by a strict code Can do whatever they want Have to suppress their emotions Forbidden from attachment Not allowed to fall in love or get married Get to live full rich emotional lives Not forbidden from attachment Can fall in love and get married Expected to live ascetic lifestyle Can have nice things Have cool stories like the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise Have boring stories Taken from family and indoctrinated at a very young age Make free and informed decision to join as an adult can stay in touch with friends and family Have wimpy new-age- vegan-hippy-yoga- sounding code Have badass- sounding code Peace is a lie There is only Passion There is no emotion there is реаce There is no ignorance there is knowledge There is no passion there is serenity There is no chaos there is Through Passion I gain Strength Through Strength I gain Power Through Power I gain Victory Through Victory my chains are Broken The Force shall free me harmony There is no death there is the Force Difficult Must have the most serious mind A hard life Quicker easier more seductive Use the Force for Allowed to solve knowledge and defence never for attack problems by any means necessary Can learn to do a Cannot learn to do a Sheev-spin Sheev-spin Have much stronger version of the power Mind trick only works on the weak- minded Get to lead a cool double-life Easily recognizable Die easily Can survive being sliced in half Always two there are No more no less Common Being one is nothing special My whole life I have always wanted to be a Jedi Today I realized I would much rather be a Sith Meme



Death Star






Jar Jar Binks


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