anscathmarcach: libertarirynn: keeppartyvangoing: thegooftroop: late last night i watched an episode of arthur where buster says “osamu tezuka is the god of manga” in japanese and strangely enough i wasnt dreaming ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Arthur had some extreme meta-references to pop culture. There’s no question the writers on the show were huge fucking nerds. Remember the South Park spoof? South Park. Referenced on a show for eight-year-olds that aired on PBS. I just noticed in the wrestling scene, there are humans, and even Hulk Hogan is not an uncanny-valley aardvarkized caricature of himself. The funniest thing to me about this segment is that in the original show after the South Park segment Arthur gets big mad that the aliens wouldn’t eat him for being too high in cholesterol and argues the point which ends with him shouting “I’m just as edible as anybody!” I remember this episode so well 😂