Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu160618 No384379762 File 1330635978 gif-328 KB 500x281 8947_deacgif Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu152257 No384373352 File 1330633377png-126 KB 501x321 facepng Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu165920 No384387792 File 1330639160 jpg-146 KB 500x375 tumblr_lyw9sbJhyX1qzyhfjo1_500jpg Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu162832 No384383120 File 1330637312 jpg-15 KB 450x300 DoctorWhojpg 22384378728 Indeed it was glorious 22384372443 You have no idea Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three part VIII End of the Beginning of the End >>384382097 The Tale of Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three Part V Field Day >l was forced to remove Ray from the team because of the Prom incident but we're still fast friends even after he graduates >I'm entering my third year of teaching and Fat's junior year It's taken all summer but Ive finally figured out my plan can't get damaged -in- school or they'd find a way to blame me or the school I have to find a way to get Fats to damage Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three part 3 Revenge of the Shit Even Moar >Later the same year as the baseball field incident >It's Homecoming Day which means we don't do shit and there are various activities for the kids >Cramming for my final exam in childhood education to get my Masters Class is taking notes while I press shit on powerpoint barely paying attention >Suddenly hear a girl in my class scream >Stand up expecting someone to have a knife because I teach in one of the shittiest schools in the nation >Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three have walked in and started screaming Retard Speech at this girl trying to steal her orange fanta >I have had just about enough of this fucking shit >Grab Fats Mcgee by his chub arm >Fats starts screaming and struggling >His buddies start crying >Teaching about Mental Disorders ironically >Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three walk in out of the blue and sit in desks Uh What are you doing? >Sitting on bleachers studying because I'm a fucking nerd >Hear clanking >Look up >Oh fucking christ >Here comes Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three >Fats tries to do the 'cool slide' the bullies do in movies and ends up slamming into me >The stink He smells like 4 day old boiled cabbage that has been left out in the sun and marinated in piss and horse jizz >His Retard Three sit infront of me facing me >Female friend passes by is clearly pleased with my freindliness' towards the Tards >Choose to accept brownie points but hope in my heart that the look of terror on my face betrays the idea I'm being friendly >The Three are still staring One is drooling and it's starting to pool on my book Uh can you stop that? me outside of school ow for a fact Fats is turning 18 soon because he was held back a year in middle school so I could get him tried as an adult use a cookie to befriend onef his Retard Thres and c > learn that Fat's birthday is March 31st The second semester of his Junior year >Excellent While I plan I continue being a good teacher and am close to getting my PhD One day after moving to a new classroom Fats begins to fade from my mind because I'm not so close to him Then it happens hase >retard looks at me >starts emitting this horrible screech-gurgle noise >mfw >The noise continues dou >Start preparing to evacuate class >Fats Mcgee suddenly lowers his head >Vomits all over the fucking desk >all over the floor There are undigested hunks of hotdog floating around in his stomach acid >The other three Tardlets that followed Fats MCgee start laughing and running around the room >l go to get the Tard Guard >Tard Guard have gone outside to let the Retards flail- I mean play kickball- on the baseball field Uh there's Three of them in my room >Oh will you bring them up here >No come get them >Lead Tard Guard down to classroom >Tard Guard rounds up Fats Mcgee and the Retard Three Walks out >Don't even care >Drag Fats Mcgee back to the Tard Cage AKA Thunderdome >Throw open door during quiet time Part VIII part 2 incoming >Scream at Tard Guard SECOND TIME THIS SEMESTER AND AFTER ONE OF YOU HAVE BEEN FIRED BECAUSE OF IT LEARN TO DO YOUR JOB >Shove Fats in >Friends follow Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu170033 No384387979 File 1330639233 jpg-20 KB 460x358 doctor-who-regenerationjpg >SCREEEECH >Walk back to classroom but not before seeing that Fats had royally shit himself Bad enough that it doesn't even look like a stain it looks like shit is actually dr >Laugh all the way back to my classroom >Slam door SCREEEECH >SCREECH >Fats is screeching in my ear >Life starts flashing before my eyes >Baseball player walks up starts making loud noises telling the Retards to 'go the fuck away >l become best friends with a player of mine Ray Hell be important later >Begin plotting my revenge >Notice that there's shit stains on the bleacher next to me and the book I was studying is ruined I have a desk that sits right infront of a window because lI'm an outdoorsman at heart and love the sun >Suddenly I hear a huge bang on the window and nearly go flying out of my chair >stare up and there's fats >It looks like he just ate a small animal His face is covered literally in Ketchup hunks of food and other shit At this point Fats has grown a Pedo Beard He has vegetables and shit hanging from his maw >stare knowing my fate is only seperated by a thin layer of glass >Let students watch Man V S Wild for the rest of class >Hand sanitze so much the rest of the day I start taking skin of >Don't even give a fuck >Doesn't do anything about the vomit desk >Have to teach outside all day because of the fucking smell >He slides his face around the window and it's visibly greasy from where his skin not the food has touched it He also leaves a trail of ketchup >He mouths Deeeebuuuuuul through the window before getting called away by a Tard Guard and taken back to Thunderdome >A few days later incidents resume He now knows where I am I'm teaching US History when suddenly Fats and The Three burst in stinking up the room almost instantly >l look >Oh my fucking jesus no They have shit in their hands >Fats locks eyes with me >He waddles up to the whiteboard and starts smearing shit all over it and my projector screen >One of his friends smears shit all over the picture of my at the time 4 year old daughter >Nearly beat the hell out of the Tardlet and eventually resort to screaming and flailing to make them flee >I need to put my plan into action >Move to new bleacher >Resume revenge plot Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu153801 No384375601 File 1330634281 ipg-102 KB 640x480 132810120447-The-End-of-Time-d jpg Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu161735 No384381482 File 1330636655gif-117 MB 330x182 What+the+gif+doctor+whogif >>384374240 Very well This is the first time I met four men that changed my life This is the first time I met Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu1642-41 No384385112 File 1330638161gif-110 KB 600x350 302_the_shakespeare_code 1 gif Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three part IV The Field is alive With the sound of Tard Rage The Tale of Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three Part VI An Exchange of Blows This honor goes to Ray more than anything- If you're out there man This was fucking glorious Fats must be a sophomore about this point I have my Masters and plan on working >First year teaching on my Doctorate soon >lve become the Baseball coach because the previous one was arrested for diddling the pickle of students >Lead students towards Field for fourth block which is PracticeStrength and Conditioning >Be teaching Freshman History in the cafeteria due to the size of the class >Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three walk in push past me go to vending machine Turn around to bitch them out >Second Semester of Fats Sophmore year >There have been many minor events between Part V and Part VI but nothing that wouldn't be much more than a repeat >Has been dealing with Fats Mcgees shit for two and a half years now >Me and Ray who is a senior have become steadfast allies against the Tard Menace >l discover that I'm going to have to cancel practice the day before a big game because of a Disco-Themed Prom for the Tard Empire >Begin plotting with Ray >Ray finds Fats friend alone at some point >He gives Fat's friend fifteen dollars to in the middle of prom whip his dick out and start rubbing Fats with it >Ray convinces me to go to the Prom where he's being a Peer Buddy telling me that it'll be worth it >Sitting being bored and irritated at Ray >Suddenly one of the Retard Three whips out his dick and starts rubbing it against Fats >Fats panics and starts screeching >Tard Guard is otherwised occupied >oh my god Ray you didn't >oh my god I totally did coach >Suddenly Fats goes into Rage Mode Final Form >Fats whips out his own chode-like Tard Penis and starts 'dueling' his friend screaming in Tard Rage >The Tard Friend has no idea >Fats suddenly grabs his Tard Friend and hurls him into a big plastic pillar they set up for pictures >The pillar falls nearly crushing the Tard Guard Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu170739 No384389158 File 1330639659 jpg-26 KB 600x337 tennantas pxjpg >Tards are on field >See they're retarded >Fats Mcgee locks eyes with me >l am suddenly very very aware of just how large and ape-like Fats Mcgee is >In those eyes I see no desire except that to inflict violence >Fats Mcgee gets his arm stuck in vending machine trying to reach up to pull Chips out >Suddenly a lot less intimidated >Fats Mcgee starts screaming and flailing Twists his arm bad >Calmly ask Tard Guard if they can wrap it up since the Tards only have the field for third block >Tard Guard a hot one that I actually like starts rounding them up doing her job Fats Mcgee decides >Fats looks at me >Starts running away from Tard Guard >Tard Guard begins pursuit >Fats runs up the bleachers He gets to the top and hurls his bluejeans at the Tard Guard >The Tard Guard is pegged and is now wrapped in shit-covered blue jeans >Fats The Tale of Fats McGee and his Retard Three Part VIll A Farewell to Arms part I continue what will be a war until he graduates >Finally March rolls around April 1st comes >lt is time >l start learning Fat's pattern What he does for 'fun >lt turns out Fats is an avid fan of movies and loves going to the cinema Finally I use my Spy to learn when Fats is going to be at a movie >l drive to the theatre and spot Fats in line >t's time I prepare myself before walking towards the movie I don't let him see me until we're in the concession line Just my luck They made fresh popcorn and Fe had a bucket This is going to hurt really fucking bad but it'll be worth it >Fats turns around >Simply stare Tard Guard come in start trying to free him The Retard Three are flailing around crying >My entire class has stopped to watch the Chaos > One of the Retard Three starts blaming me in his sputtering retard tone showing immense stamina capable of running while creating a massive fucking trail >He spins every time a Guard gets close becoming a -literal- whirlwind of shit >Tard points at me finally stops running DEUVUBUBBBIIL mfw Wut >We practiced in the gym that day Mouth Found you Fucknugget >Fats starts screaming Sing me to my sleep b Incoming FINAL BOSS BATTLE >Fats Mcgee wets himself lies there in a puddle of urine crying arm in the vending machine >Firefighters had to come and cut the vending machine to shit to free him Thus begins a legend of unstoppable tard >His eves lock with mine one final time as they lead him away >l see in those eyes smoldering rage >This job is going to suck Part VI Part 2 coming in just a moment Anonymous ID zouj2GEb 030112Thu171538 No384390502 File 1330640138 ipg-117 KB 500x282 doctonwhoeot2_9jpg Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu171151 No384389884 File 1330639911gif-496 KB 500x278 doctorwho10idontwanttogogif Anonymous ID z0uj2GEb 030112Thu155521 No384378182 File 1330635321jpg-16 KB 640x368 hessuchachildjpg Anonymous ID zouj2GEb 030112Thu164355 No384385314 File 1330638235 jpg-66 KB 470x280 316472jpg The Final Story of Fats and his Retard Three The Final Story of Fats Mcgee and his Retard Three >l press charges his Mother rages and says I provoked him >Teachers from school testify that Fats was always incredibly agressive and rage- 2>384375601 The Tales of Fats Mcgee and the Retard Three Part I >All Helll Breaks Loose >Fats has removed his pants completely and is waving his dick around pissing on everything >The Retard Three have all started cock dueling >I'm staring awestruck at what Ray has wrought filled >Stare down Fats >Every Incident He ever Caused is brought into it >Fats is found guilty as an Adult of 4th Degree Assault and is given 9 months in Jail + a 5000 dollar fine walk out of the Court House >Stare up at the clouds it is finished >No matter what happens no matter how old I get >ll never forget Fats Mcgee And his Retard Three >And if you ever plan on tarding it up in my school Just remember who stands between you and chaos you snivelling little Down Shit >Six months after the first incident >Fats starts freaking the fuck out and shaking >Mother turns towards me eyes widen as she recognizes me Just grin >Fats suddenly throws the steaming popcorn at me and lunges on me >I'm getting wailed on by a Retard >Security suddenly comes and yanks him off >Spot one Security Guard that looks familiar >Holy shit it's Ray >Police are called because lI'm bleeding >Sitting in classroom working on some school stuff At this point I'm trying to get my Masters >Hear running in hall >Glance up Fats Mcgee and his retard three are running down the hall bursting into classrooms and waving to teachers that actually like them >Stare as they burst into my classroom Fats looks at me >oh fucking jesus the end is here >Fats slams into me at full Retard Speed and starts screaming in my face >Ray pulls him off but gets in trouble later for 'Attacking the kid because of Ultimate Mother Bitch Mode l stand covered in Tard Urine and Shit Will shower forever when I get home l think at that point Thus the beginning of the End had arrived >One waves >Don't wave back Please go you're disrupting my classroom Tard walks in Eatc zed how bad he fucked up Because he just started crying >Stares I stare back >Let's out the same high-pitched gurgle noise a noise I'd come to call The Song of the Tard >Starts trying to take the pile of essay's I'm grading wtf stop >Tard Guard walks in oh there you are oh there you oh there And thus ends the Tale of Fats Mcgee Fats Mcgee And >oh >This Tard Guard managed to lose her Tards Cough slightly What they can't help it l personally don't agree they can't help it because I have a special education family member who doesn't act like that Please leave BITCHMODE THREE THOUSAND ENGAGED >l get bitched at >Go to principal office with Tard Guard HE GOT ALL UPPITY BECAUSE MY SPECIAL ED STUDENT ENTERED HIS CLASSROOM HE MUST HATE SPECIAL ED Why weren't they with you? >Dumb bitch goes quiet She gets fired two weeks later Mfw His Retard Three Fats McGee and the retard three 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