Anonymous 080319Sat004245 No53711001 Simple I want to kidnap a woman and transform her I want to find some random frumpy woman and knock her out take her to a secluded area and lock her 169 KB JPG underground I don't want to hurt her or make her suffer her room will be nice she'll get three square meals a day for all intents and purposes it'll be like a vacation But every few weeks I'll knock her out with gas and she'll wake up with some new operation done Whether it be implants lipo or anything plastic surgery related I'll do this over the course of 6 months to a year having her write in a diary about her new body and how she's learning to live with it By the end she'll look nothing like what she used to depending on my mood she might have gigantic beshine tits or maybe a wasp waist Either way I'll throw her back into the wild to live the rest of her life in a body that isn't hers and start over with a new girl black-in-kansas edgarallenbroe the-mighty-birdy supreme-leader-stoat the-mighty-birdy officialfist WELL IF THIS AIN’T THE MOST HORRIFYING THING I’VE READ IN A WHILE You’d think with the fact CyberSmith is literally under criminal investigation for child image content violation he’d think it not wise to act so debauched on Tumblr He doesn’t strike me as the wise type Me Let’s see what’s going on with Tumblr todayFirst thing I see *This shit*Me Meme

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