Anonymous 072017 Thu202703 No739537298 be me >about 3 or 4 no friends lonely as fuck have a weird dream that my poo is alive >my poo is now my imaginary friend stop going to the bathroom because i don't want my friend to die flushed down the toilet crap outdoors for about 2 months parents somehow don't notice >get sick and go to hospital for 5 days avoid pooping altogether a mean nurse that i hated right from the start notices comes to me with a suppository puts it in my butt >i think it's for my fever >she says it's to help me poop i'm petrified cramps start hitting hard she takes me to the bathroomm pulls my pajamas down sits me on the toilet I'm too shy to tell her why i haven't been pooping >she tells me to push but i just try to hold it in after about 10 minutes i start cracking poop is slowly coming out most painful thing up to that point in my life can't stop it keeps coming out as i cry >she keeps cheering and encouraging me to k my friend i surrender and let it all out >she wipes me up and takes me off the toilet auds me for being a big boy and showing that poop where it belongs i can almost hear my friend begging me to save him >she flushes the toilet >watch my friend circle the drain and disappear cry myself to sleep >going to the bathroom was a nightmare until i was about 10 worst time of my life Anon kills his best friend Meme



best friend








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