Anonymous 042318 Mon225712 No766778676 Hey bromosexuals story time > Be me 17 year old 710 male Have an objectively 6 subjectively 810 asian gf who loves me 182 KB JPG Major trust issues from a relationship that went bad a while ago relationship friends since 13 Clingy af probably still a result of that last We've known each other since we were 12 been Tell her I love her evervdav Despite her always replying that she loves me to start doubting that Gf tells me after a lot of thinking she's asexual Ohshitlmaydieavirgin Suddenly text my ex spontaneously find out she's single Lie and say I'm single She asks to meet up for a coffee at Tims I'm a Leaf > I decide to go because I'm pissed at my gf Continue? Alright then go to the meet up with ex s my ex is just as beautiful as ever She has shorter hair and small tits but thats sorta my thing She got me a coffee alread >It was the same type of coffee I drank when was with her on our first date Double double >She smiles it looks cute on her > I ask her whats up and she mentions my clearly visible erection I sat down faster than I lost my erection s We make small talk for a bit we instantly have a spark > I havent felt this spark for a few years Eventually she says what both of us have been thinking We should get back together Idk what to say Can't tell her I lied about being single at this point but I also like her a lot more than my gf > Decide to keep it going Sure but I don't have a lot of free time with work > I just lost my job > I give her the address to the apartment I'm in which I don't actually pay for My best bud does Invite her over one time She says Why not tonight? My gf hasn't text me and doesnt have a key and my buddy is out of townm Sure what could go wrong? Almost done the story bois cont? > Take her back to the apartment > Time is a bit late Ask her what she wants to do She immediately gives me a smile that could only mean one of two things sex or something sexual > Before I can say anything she notices a picture have of me and my girlfriend on top of the shelf >Who's this? > I panic > My sister >She gets confused My sister is asian? > You never told me you had a sister anon andI met your family > Ohshitjpg > I make up a story on the spot about my parents splitting and my dad remarrying She's my stepsister We broke up over a year ago My parents fought once in front of her Not too far fetched Aww anon I'm so sorry She says basically jumping into my arms after putting the photo down Haven't even blown a load in at least a week >Boner is visible >She goes for it I had forgotten that one of the main reasons we broke up was her sex drive and mine not matching up >Suddenly remember second was that she was a crazy bitch towards me sometimes > I just go with it and hope that I wont remember this in a month Best sex I ever had I bagged up tho No worries sWe fall asleep in eachothers arms on my roommates bed crazv bitch towards me sometimes >I just go with it and hope that I wont remember this in a month Best sex I ever had I bagged up tho No worries s We fall asleep in eachothers arms on my roommates bed Wake up to a banging on the door Groggily get up to find my ex making breakfast and my best friends gf at the door Wtf I yell through the door at her What do you want? My best bud left something and needed her to bring it to him > I open the door cautiously She sees my ex and me half naked She ofo knows about my af She asks to talk to me in private Takes me to the bedroom locks the door and quietly asks me Are you cheating or did you break I don't lie to her >She gets frustrated with me and leaves without my buds thing he needed What was that? My ex asks Now T don't remember exactly what I said at this point because I was scared shitless My buds gf was for sure gonna tell mine and now things were gonna tumble down Cont? > What was that anon? >Ex js getting visibly annoyed and worried > She looks back at the photo of me and my sister I look down at the floor My ex suddenly pieces something together right then and there >ls she vour girlfriend? > I fucking crumble and admit everything >She's surprisingly understanding but just as understandably upset > ''You should call her No >I need you to do this for me I do > I explain the whole thing to her sparing the sexual details > She sounds pretty heartbroken I try to console her but it doesnt work as well as l would have hoped She hangs up on me I'm in a puddle of tears sitting next to the first girl Meme











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