angelfire115 zetarays angeredthoughts nobodybetterhavethisoneoriswear polyglotplatypus polyglotplatypus im very grateful for the lessons in photography i was taught in stop motion class because just now they made it possible to photograph the stars with my phone in spite of the camera usually not detecting the light of stars because theyre so dim enjoy these shiny motherfuckers ok so if everythings normal your phone camera should have a manual mode sometimes called pro mode in it change the settings of the shutter lag to 20 seconds then put the phone down on some stable plane surface and press the photo button usually when using your camera the volume buttons can be used as photo button and let the phone still for the whole 20 seconds basically the problem with most cameras is that they dont have a very good light sensitivity in the dark however that doesnt mean they cant detect it at all the longer the shutter is open the more light your camera takes in and the more burntlight your pic will be so in literally dark situations make the shutter lag longer to get all that light you need! also i said 20 seconds but really you can make it shorter or longer depending on what kinda stuff you want for your stars Yes this! Additionally adjust your ISO to the highest number mimics the film used for very low light and low speed images And set your shutter speed to the longest time possible on my phone it’s 10 seconds Leave your focus settings on Auto and if your phone camera has a timer option turn that on five seconds is generally enough Plan your shot first then find a place to set your phone down so you can get the image you want The less light pollution the better you’ll pick up FAR more stars in your picture Once you know what you want to shoot tap your screen to “focus” it then hit the button to take the picture set your phone down and back away from the “tripod” Don’t touch your phone for a good 15 seconds just to be sure You will not be disappointed in the results let me assure you Not even a little bit @tamberland THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’VE EVER LEARNED Meme











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