And then God said Who's a good boy? DrSmashlove Men lemme holla at y'all If u going down on yo girl And u hitting all the right spots And bam - u push her over the edge and she bust - I know a lot of y'all wanna do a celebration dance pat yourself on the back give a victory speech tearfully thank yo mama for raising a man who know how to please a woman and then immediately get to laying a lil pipe No This is amateur hour sh*t Bruh U just unlocked Level 1 U broke a few bricks and grabbed a few coins now u think u beat Super Mario Aw hell nah Keep going She gon try to pry u off just like u pry her off when u done - well be patient let her collect her thoughts let sensitivity return to her nether regions while u kiss her soft wet thighs around it and then like DJ Khaled said Bruh Another one This is not about making sure she get the minimum U trying to be the best ever U feel me? U trying to unlock levels she ain't seen before Keep going Fvck u in a rush for? Stay down there in the trenches and keep working U feel me? Kill that Punani Deceased Give her another one U should have yo girl digging her nails in yo scalp Bruh She should be speaking in tongues U should damn near need to perform an Exorcism at the end U gotta get her to a point where any other man in her orbit text her and she hit them with Hi! I lost my phone and all my contacts 😬 Who is this? You feel me? Go for the gold with yo tongue Bruh That's the sexual organ that some of u men forget about Well it's time to remember it In 2017 lock arm in arm with me brothers TeamKillThePunani - Ya get me! We'll get jerseys and everything Here's to more life more success and most importantly more Punani devouring Go for the gold Bruhthe only place that matters is first place πŸ₯‡ Bless up πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme

Another one

Another One

Bless up


DJ Khaled



Super Mario



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