anarchy404x 1d You must understand the weird logic of the left To them life is priceless and should always be prioritised over property They would literally let the statue of Liberty burn to save one person Through inaction let one person starve? You monster you literally murdered them Reply Vote tsunderepup randomslasher pastel-selkie lesbianshepard stupid leftists and their belief in *checks notes* the intrinsic value of human life Reblog if you would burn down the statue of liberty to save a life Here’s the thing though If you asked a conservative “Would you let the statue of liberty burn to save one life?” they’d probably scoff and say no it’s a national landmark a treasure a piece of too much historical importance to let it be destroyed for the sake of one measly life But if you asked “Would you let the statue of liberty burn in order to save your child? your spouse? someone you loved a great deal?” the tune abruptly changes At the very least there’s a hesitation Even if they deny it I’m willing to bet that gun to their head the answer would be “yes” The basic problem here is that people have a hard time seeing outside their own sphere of influence and empathizing beyond the few people who are right in front of them You’ve got your immediate family whom you love your friends your acquaintances maybe to a certain degree the people who share a status with you your religion your race etc–but beyond that? People aren’t real They’re theoretical But a national monument? That’s real It stands for something The value of a non-realized anonymous life that exists completely outside your sphere of influence is clearly worth less than something that represents freedom and prosperity to a whole nation right? People who think like this lack the compassion to realize that everyone is in someone’s immediate sphere of influence–that everyone is someone’s lover or brother or parent Everyone means the world to someone And it’s the absolute height of selfishness to assume that their lives don’t have value just because they don’t mean the world to you PS I would let the statue of liberty burn to save a pigeon Meme










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