against us we wi men remained in Tacuba and th Ihere was another greater evil that they di is care fully we had filled in the water spaces since we advanced along the causeway they returned and opened them all and constructed barri cades stronger than before Then our friends of the cities of the lake who had again accepted our friendship and had come to aid us with their canoes believed that they came to gather wool and went back shorn for many of them lost their lives and many more returned wounded and they lost more than half of the canoes they had brought with them but even with all this thenceforward they did not help the Mexicans for they were hostile to them but they carefully watched events as they happened S1E 15d 91ew As I have said Cortés not only saw that the catapult was useless but was angry with the soldier who advised him to have it made and in conse quence of Guatemoc and his Captains not wishing for peace of any sort he ordered Gonzalo de Sandoval to invade that part of the City where Guatemoc had taken refuge with all the flower of his Captains and the most distinguished persons that were in Mexico and he ordered him not to kill or wound any Indians unless they should attack him and even if they did attack him he was only to defend himself and not do them any other harm but he should destroy their houses and the many defenses they had erected in the lake Cortés ascended the great Cue of Tlatelolco to see how Sandoval advanced with the launches and at that time Pedro de Alvarado Francisco Verdugo Luis Marin and other soldiers were there with Cortés adrenigled Sandoval advanced with great ardor upon the place where the Houses of Guatemoc stood and when Guatemoc saw himself surrounded h- was afraid that they would capture him or kill him and he had got read fifty great piraguas canoes with good rowers so that when he saw hin self hard pressed he could save himself by going to hide in some ree Córtes knew catapults suck Meme











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