afloweroutofstone iamicecreamsbitch averyterrible afloweroutofstone afloweroutofstone the-real-numbers identicaltomyself argumate afloweroutofstone Spent the last four hours or so starting on a new project mapping the locations of famous horror movies set in America It’s a work in progress y’all’ see more when I’m done this is like when the RAF tried to figure out where to armour their bombers by looking at the distribution of bullet holes the empty area on the map is where nobody lived to tell the tale It follows population density pretty closely except that the desert Southwest is over represented Is that because it’s close to Hollywood? Cheap to shoot in? High density of chupacabras? That’s just where the spooky is Everything else is just noise from large populations Since @argumate​ brought this back here’s what the map looks like today I started adding any horror movie at all not just well-known ones Also it’s global now! @cominyern​ Subgenre! Red is killerslasherpsychological Blue is monstercreature Yellow is ghostspiritdemon Green is alien Black is zombies Purple is vampires It lets you look at some cool regional trends like how ghosts are huge in New England while aliens and vampires have a cluster in the Southwest that the original had a lot of black in Pittsburgh is unsurprising given where a certain George Romero came from but it now has an interesting relative density and variety i blame the Tom Savini practical effects school in Monessen personally I wish this was an interactive map I want to find and watch my “local” horror movies! Ask and you shall receive! Here’s a link to explore the map for your local horror movies! Meme











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