Aa Indisputable Locations Check-in with Your unique Touch & Face ID 220 Miles from nearest target Sept 223 24 525t Kearny M CLAIREMONT YPRB89 MYF ACIFIC EACH C airemont era Shores nda Vista Bay Park Taliwarerict MISSION VALLEY lifepro-tips Taliware™ Launches Biometric Geolocation Authentication Technology for iOS Taliware™ Launches A Verified You™ a new iOS app designed for Touch ID or Face ID which provides secure access to time-stamped location data for continuous proof of presence and identity Taliware will go “live” with its geo-presence app-services for iOS devices at StartupGrind in Redwood City CaliforniaTaliware developed its patented system to offer identity theft and fraud protection for consumers and businesses The newly launched application combines geolocation and biometric technologies that confirm the user’s physical location and identity using either Touch ID or Face ID as a biometric verification of identity while at a specific geolocation Taliware delivers biometrics-based geolocation signature technology designed to provide persistent authentication and an indisputable proof of both identity and placeWhile there are many geolocation tracking applications none have the same capacity to create an indisputable time-stamped location history Because every check-in is tied to a user’s biometrics there’s never question of whether a check-in was valid Taliware’s patented technology ensures validity“Taliware’s biometric geo-presence technology securely tethers each person to their smartphone and exact location thus making their check-in history definite” states Tarik Tali CEO of Taliware “All user date is safely stored on the mobile device it is never available to anyone but the authenticated user”Who uses Taliware? Taliware’s biometric geo-presence systems are designed to provide persistent authentication and an uncompromising proof of identity with endless use case possibilities Whether used for children’s safety to track employees or to provide court-based evidence Taliware’s impact potential is far-reachingFree trials on Apple App Store Meme





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