A man in Africa named Yacouba Sawadogo single handedly stopped the desertification of his region by reviving ancient farming and irrigation techniques despite being ridiculed by his community Ultrafactstumblrcomm athelind imaginemedrawinglife soundssimpleright ultrafacts Yacouba Sawadogo is an exceptional man – he single-handedly managed to solve a crisis that many scientists and development organizations could not The simple old farmer’s re-forestation and soil conservation techniques are so effective they’ve helped turn the tide in the fight against the desertification of the harsh lands in northern Burkina Faso Over-farming over-grazing and over population have over the years resulted in heavy soil erosion and drying in this landlocked West African nation Although national and international researchers tried to fix the grave situation it really didn’t really make much of a difference Until Yacouba decided to take matters into his own hands in 1980 Yacouba’s methods were so odd that his fellow farmers ridiculed him But when his techniques successfully regenerated the forest they were forced to sit up and take notice Yacouba revived an ancient African farming practice called ‘zai’ which led to forest growth and increased soil quality Fact Source Follow Ultrafacts for more facts The way it works is really cool! You can read about it here There’s been a documentary about him too @solarpunk-aesthetic Something 19th and 20th century Western science consistently overlooked is that a lot of traditional methods are exquisite examples of the scientific method in action the product of testing hypotheses and comparing results and control groups iteratively over a period of hundreds or even thousands of years Respect ancient wisdom Respect ancient science Meme











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