A dog is a part of your life but you are everything to a dog's life a DrSmashlove See Bruh it's two type of ladies at the gym lemme splain u The first type of woman is dainty Put-together She got them yoga tights on but not them cheap joints from Target where the fabric don't breathe so it make yo Punani smell aggressively side note I love this smell 😍 but rather them sheer cutout Lululemon joints that cost so much that it's ok to wear them to fancy restaurants And she got her hair up and her Apple ear pods in and she doing them Instagram workouts U know wtf I mean Them shits where she puts the strap around her ankle and do reverse leg raises on the 10 pound setting and it look sexy AF but you're not quite sure if this is actually exercising anything or if she just trying to look sexy If u this type I got love for u and u sexy but lemme splain the second type Second type give no fucks She wearing a cut-off Bill's Roadhouse Bar t shirt because she used to work there and the manager used to try to bang her but she declined but she accepted the free t shirts She got tats up and down her arms because her pain tolerance astronomical No make-up She ain't trying to impress u She don't give a fuck about u She's there to dump an entire bucket of sweat to knock the stress of single life and tinder fuckboys off her conscience She squatting more than u - she could fold a penny in half with her ass cheeks and then projectile fart that folded penny into your face and leave a permanent scar and then when people ask u why u got that scar u gotta make up a elaborate lie because u can't tell the truth which is that a bad ass woman farted a folded piece of metal shrapnel directly into yo grill U feel me? Now all I'm saying is it's no right answer here Whatever type u are do yo thang But if u type 2 let's be friends ma Let me make random banter with u so I can determine if u gay bi or just a extremely bad ass straight bish Let me flirt in a respectful way Let's eventually grab lunch at Panera after the gym - I recommend the flatbreads πŸ€— And let me spot u while u squat But don't fart a penny into me! Might hit my ballsac and neuter me and I'm tryina eventually have chirren witchoe fine ass LehGo πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme











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