• a server for people who are interested in the romantic pairing reylo .  kylo ren x rey. a safe place, a fun place.
  • available channels for all sorts of dialogue. everything from nsfw ( for the 18+ crowd only), meta, discourse, positivity, places to vent, other star wars ships, shitposting. etc !
  • showcase your art ! your edits ! your writing ! Its a great place for artists and content creators to get exposure.
  • request content from content creators. ( politely )
  • be in a community of likeminded individuals, make friends ! Its a busy server with 150 members and growing - but there are no shortage of places to speak, to be heard, and to share in the things you love.

WHO TO CONTACT ( admins ):


  • ship reylo ( it doesn’t have to be your FAVORITE or top tier ship, but you do have to enjoy it / post about it on occasion. )
  • reblog this post.
  • follow @reylosnetwork
  • contact one of the admins directly to request an invite. you won’t receive an invite otherwise.
  • all ages are welcome, but there are channels that require you to be over 18 years of age to gain access !


  • it’s a busy server ! It can be a little overwhelming at first. in our rules channel there’s an instructional guide on how to mute channels / categories  ( especially useful so mobile notifications don’t bombard you )
  • our members generally have a niche experience ! you can customize this by what channels you tune into, and what content you receive. it makes it so you’re only enjoying your favorite parts of the fandom ( re : if you love to read fic, the fic-rec-drop channel might be your place ! )
  • if you’re NEW TO DISCORD. you can reach out to your moderators or admins ( they’re distinguished in the server themselves, you can see them separately from the group of online members ).
  • any comments, questions, or concerns will be handled timely. be patient, but be excited ! its a fun place to play.