a day ago I used to have friends involved in ACN and other schemes constantly trying to get me involved and it was really annoying And the fact that they didn't know how to take no for an answer led me to eventually ignore their calls If you get get involved in MLM that's your choice But don't become a nuisance by bugging friends and calling people you haven't talked to in a decade trying to sell them stuff 2 Reply Share 13 hours ago edited I'l always contact people regardless of how many years we haven't spoke They choose yes or no It's not for everyone absolutely There is no reason to hassle anyone after a no People are also unnecessarily defensive over it Its just a question Omg! Your offering me an awesome business opportunity how dare youlol I do understand that it isn't for all and there are those that don't know when to stop talking about the business opportunity and interact with people normally after a no Not everyone is like that but are building their empire with or without you I just move on no hard feelings but I won't shy away from asking the question because otherwise I don't grow However most people view an MLM through the lens of an employee and not an entrepreneur growing an empire If you realized how many have changed their minds after saying no you would be surprised But there is finesse involved it's not about hassling someone into a yes Many watch the changes in your life and reach out themselves and join If people could see beyond the small percentage that give everyone a bad name See the bigger picture and not just accept silliness such as uninformed articles such as these many would be surprised I've supported MIm for a long time because I like supporting women owned business and the largest percentage of women millionaires come from mlm Thinking like a business owner not an employee is also a different perspective as well as living as large as you can I never wanted to be a nine to fiver I want so much more Of course we all need jobs to live and I was blessed with a nine to five when raising my daughter as a single mom It's all perspective personal goals and what we want in life Love to all 1^ Reply Share IT's jUSt a qUEsTioN Meme











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