A CONCERNED CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The Honorable Michael Bennet Cory Gardner and Jason Crow of the Colorado Delegation to the 116th United States Congress Senator Bennet Senator Gardner and Congressman Crow I am writing to you today simply to say this - enough tolerate and endure one of the greatest ignominities of our short but proud history The 2016 Election Interference Campaign and ongoing attacks undertaken by the Russian Federation at the direction of their national security and our societal integrity For over two years our Nation has been forced to President Vladimir V Putin have caused and continue to cause grave damage to our to our Nation has been compounded by the actions of our President This damage A President whose behavior has disgraced his Office and damaged the reputation of our Nation around the world A President who has undermined our Nation's relationships with despots our closest allies and made overtures to A President who took the word of the Russian President as truth over the findings of our Nation's institutions of intelligence defense and justice A President whose closest associates have been indicted tried and convicted in matters related to the ongoing Russian attack on our Nation A President who has repeatedly placed loyalty to himself and his enablers above loyalty to his Nation and his Oath of Office Based on the content of the Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In Thee 2016 Presidential Election submitted by Special Counsel Robert S Mueller III and the Special Counsel's statement Constitutional responsibility possible effort to protect and defend our Nation against any current or future attacks on o particular from the Russian Federation or any other hostile foreign power regarding the report I believe Congress has an ethical and swiftly to make every our democracy and our election process in our democracy As my representatives I respectfully request you act s safeguard to Additionally I respectfully request that you publicly advocate for impeachment inquiries to begin immediately While the President is innocent until proven guilty the implications of the investigation's findings and the President's behavior regarding them are profound unprecedented and may pose a grave risk to our national security These findings would almost certainly indictment warrant a criminal as hundreds of former federal prosecutors have publicly attested to were it not for Justice Department policy to not indict sitting presidents Congress has no choice but to act ifjustice is to be served founded on I implore you as our Nation's final Constitution check to hold the fundamental precept that all men including tyrant President accountable for his actions Our Nation was our rulers created equal A ruler without accou ountability is the very definition of a our are The eyes of the world are upon us You must act Sincerely A CONCERNED CITIZEN Resident of Colorado's 6th District Special Counsel Mueller's Statement prompted me to write to Congress for the first time in my adult life Link to Google Doc template in comments Meme





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