A CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS GRAPHIC Legally married and legally fired Congratulations! You legally marry on Sunday! THAT NIGHT honeymoon because of your sexual orientation ON MONDAY You are legally denied a hotel room for your You are legally fired from your job for being gay when you try to update your employment forms to reflect that you are married You are legally evicted from your apartment when you try to add your new spouse to the lease ON WEDNESDAY You are legally denied a loan because you are married to a person of the same gender ON THURSDAY Your child is legally expelled from college when you notify the school of a new legal parent ON FRIDAY You file a complaint but learn that you may not be protected from the discrimination you have faced While you now have a marriage license too many people still have a license to discriminate No explicit LGBT protections Explicit LGB protections Explicit LGBT protections* Twenty-nine states lack explicit sexual-orientation nondiscrimination protections and 32 states lack explicit gender-identity nondiscrimination protections It is time for Congress to act For more information read the Center for American Progress report We the People at httpamprgswethepeople Massachusetts lacks gender-identity protections in public accommodations Source Movement Advancement Project Non-Discrimination Laws Employment Equality Mapavailable at httpwwwlgbtmaporgequalit riminationlaws last accessed January 2015 Center for American Progress pawdugan elisaintime rosalarian veggieheather wertheyouth Infographic Legally Married and Legally Fired Center for American Progress THIS THIS THIS I’m continuously terrified that people will think LGBT rights is a finished fight as soon as marriage equality passes nationally There’s still so much extremely important stuff to get to Marriage is not an end goal Keep it going! One step after the next! Closer at least! Meme











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